Is G'MIC storing layers in some cache?


I use GIMP 2.10.20
G’MIC 2.9.1

I applied the FX “Artistc > Brushify” to a layer.
I did notice I had to remove an object from that layer, Then I applied CTRL+Z, I removed the object and I went back on G’MIC to re-apply that FX.
But into the preview of G’MIC I gat the object I did remove.

Where is it from?
I tried to click on all the “refresh” icons I’ve found, but without result. It still see the object, is not existing any longer into that layer.
And there is not any other layer above or below it, with such object.

I’m wondering if G’MIC is storing some cache and if yes: where. In order to clean it.

No, the plug-in doesn’t store images in cached files.
What may have happened is that you left the plug-in open with the contents of the old layer.
If you are making changes to an image, it is best to close the plug-in beforehand, and then reopen it once the changes have been made. Could that be the case?

@TormyVanCool Welcome to the forum!

I often forget to close the plugin window before opening another instance. The plugin doesn’t work well with multiple instances. It is safer to close all of them first before (re)applying a filter.