Is it possible to add personal lensfun data?

I have just received a new lens for my camera and I discovered that it is not present in lensfun.
I am calibrating it and I will share the resulting data with the lensfun project, like I have already done.
Since I have already done it I know that probably it will take a rather long time before I will find the data in the lensfun copy included in RT. I am sure that they will not be available in version 5.9, for example.
Moreover, I have calibrated the distortion of another lens with slightly different results than the lensfun ones. I prefer my calibration but there is no real reason to replace the official data with my result.

This will cause problems when I update RawTherapee. Of course I might manually edit the xml files, but that is not an optimal solution.

So here is the question: is it possible to create some lensfun files for my personal use, with data for a few lenses, so that those data will be used instead of the official lensfun ones, or if there is no lensfun entry?

Thanks in advance.

Fulvio Senore

Run the command lensfun-update-data as root and you will receive an update of the lensfun database. You never need to wait until a new RT version has the the new data you are looking for. If you can have a custom folder I don’t know. Sorry.

Yes, ~/.local/share/lensfun.

Thank you. Is it enough to create a file with only the few lenses that I calibrated or should I create a more complex file?

The new lens data should be enough.

To add user lens correction, perhaps have a look here Lens correction with modern cameras

Thank you, I will try as soon as the lens calibration will be done.