Is it possible to add python function to the Node Graph

Is it possible to add python commands to the Node Graph context menu ?

This is the answer:
Although I don’t see anymore the “Split and Join” entry in the Views menu. Was it here in previous versions?
Here’s the source for SPlit and Join:

And indeed, the Split and Join doesn’t show up un the Node Graph context menu.
I really don’t know if it ever did.
Seems to me like a real bug, excepted if python code within the script is wrong.

One other thing.
Toolsets are listed in the left side tool menu, right ?
Not in the right-click context menu in the Node Graph ?
For example here :


Is there a specific interest in using toolsets instead a “regular” python scripts ?

They should appear in the plugins list at the end of this menu. And you should be able to execute them using TAB too

Could please check if it appears in previous versions? It should be here in 2.0.5, 2.1.9, 2.2.9 and and 2.3.x version

Ok, i’ll check every version backward until i find when it messed up.

As far as 2.3.3, “Split And Join” doesn’t show up.
So i guess it probably never worked, but since it had never been used…

You should try the 2.2.9 2.1.9 and 2.0.5 versions.
I know it appeared and worked at some point.

EDIT: it disappeared between 2.0.5 and 2.1.9

OK, it will be fixed in 2.3.15: fix loading of Python Toolset, which was broken since 2.1.0 · NatronGitHub/Natron@29f361b · GitHub

Hot fix: edit from your install, and add that line near the top (the same as other pyplugs):

# This file was automatically generated by Natron PyPlug exporter

To create a toolset, follow the documentation, and take SPlitAndJoin as an example

One more fixed bug. I like it.
By the way, i don’t know when approximatively the next version was supposed to be released, but i think there’s no need to hurry.
Going more and more python gives us the apportunity to detect bugs.
I would rather wait a few more weeks/months, to really have a significant bump.

Anyway thanks.

The goal is not to make a release with lots of new features and bug fixes, but to be able to build a new release.
Thanks to you, I also fixed a major python bug.
And it’s also that I can work a bit on Natron these days, because I’m alone at home, but everything will be back to normal within one week, so it’s better to hurry things up.

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A bit off-topic, but I found some old binary releases on my old (Natron) HDD and uploaded them to , I know I have even more somewhere on a disk or two (will update the archive when I find more). Probably not very useful, but nice to have :slight_smile: (for historical reasons if nothing else)

Can you upload these to I think we only need the latest of each minor version, not all the micros (too bad you don’t have 2.0.5 for linux)
Please give me your account and I’ll add you to admins

I can look through more disks, I know I have more.

my sf account is : orodlie