Is it possible to bypass the limits of the x & y values in the ICC creator tool?

I am wanting to create an ICC v4 profile corresponding to a V2 matrix profile that was created with dcamprof. However, the ICC profile utility in rawtherapee seems to not allow entering an xy value pair such as [0.772609, 0.21022]. Is there a reason that the values are limited to [0.735, 0.265] for the red xy (and similarly for the other primaries) in rawtherapee?

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No problem, but be carefull…
I will change soon :slight_smile:


Done in dev – commit 6e68cab5d


The only reason, is all values added are in not visible datas…Hence be carefull…

I put more or less the same values as in “abstract profile” (a little less range)


Will it be reflected in the next pre-compiled .exe in the nightly build? I’m Not too familiar with building programs from the source code. but thank you for adding that edit to rawtherapee!

Also did abstract profiles just get added or something? I dont see it in the latest build I have installed…Guess I’ll have to see if another is available! I actually have been playing with LCMS’s color abstractor program, it’s very cool. If the ability to load in abstract profiles in the same way as a haldCLUT has been added to rawtherapee that’s great timing

First, excuse my bad (very) english :slight_smile:

I don’t master the “nighty builds” elaboration, but it seems that the current version allows to use abstract profiles

“Abstract profiles” in RT are different from those implemented in LCMS, they use other principles that you can see here

You can also see the Rawpedia documentation