Is it possible to customize keyboard shortcuts?

(Homo_erectus) #1

Is it possible to change the default keyboard shortcuts in RT 5.1? I found the list of them on the rawpedia site, but no indication of whether they are changeable or not. I couldn’t see any way to change them in the options either.

I’m slowly integrating RT into my workflow, with the goal if eventually using it 100% of the time. Right now, I’m curating 300 images. It probably sounds whiny but having to press three keys to color label an image is really annoying. I’d like to change the shortcuts so I can color label with a single key press. And I’d like to make star ratings happen with the 0-5 keys as well.

On a really positive note, the “Inspect” feature in RT is a serious time saver. What a well thought out and truly useful feature.


(Morgan Hardwood) #2

It is not possible to change keyboard shortcuts.

(Homo_erectus) #3

Wow, that’s a real bummer.




An option to reverse the mouse scrolling behaviour might also be useful, not only in RawTherapee. It can be a little schizophrenic, switching between programs.