Is it possible to go from git to stable and keep the database?

I use git 3.1 today. Is it possible to, if I don’t update to new git versions, to wait for stable 3.2 and update without losing my database?

Do you move from current git forward to 3.2, yes that’s possible

Current git backward to 3.0.1, maybe, if you’re lucky, bit depends on of there are breaking changes in the git version.

Better to have two versions of the db, one for testing and one for stable.

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No, it’s impossible. If you try to do so, you get

[init] database version of `~/.config/darktable/data.db' is too new for this build of darktable. aborting
ERROR : cannot open database

I suspect that the main reason for breaking compatibility could be the new module negadoctor in git master.