Is NVIDIA Corporation GP108 [GeForce GT 1030] supported by DT for OpenCL (resolved)

I had to google what snaps are. Haven’t ried them, but was surprised the software manager installed DT V3.0 rather the latest build.

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Mint is a slowly evolving distro, based on LTS (long-term-support) versions of Ubuntu. The current version is based on Ubuntu 22.04. Ubuntu 22.04 contains darktable 3.8.1. I no longer use Mint, so I don’t know where to find its packages. Repository - Linux Mint gives no hits at all.
Running an LTS distro is not a good idea if you want the latest software.

I will keep this in mind, but I plan to keep this machine very lean and mainly use DT and GIMP. My windows laptop is filled with bloat from commercial software such as Microsoft, Adobe and other main stream softwares.