Is something broken with Custom Profile Builder recently?

In the old days I was able to enforce CPB application on one or more files with easy top use right-click option “apply custom profile builder”. This worked perfectly fine and I was able to merge this with my default profile, which also was applied manually to all files at the beginning. Now the option is gone. It seems that the custom profile builder is started when I open the picture for the first time but not if it already has a default profile applied with the batch process. Moreover: when I clear the profile and also remove the cache (right-click options on file manager), then open the file, CBP is still not started any more, and a big default profile file is created. (I met a case when it was actually started and my tiny profile file was crearted but ususally it doesn’t work).
Could someone give me recipe how to successfully run custom profile builder on all selected files?
Or maybe this feature is forgotten and buggy these days?

You need to provide some basic details… RT version, OS, installation method.

RT 5.8 from Debian repository.