Is the HDRMerge project supported or being developed

This software looks really promising, but it won’t work with my CR3 files on a windows computer. I presume it also doesn’t merge DNG or TIFF files if I convert my CR3 files. Does anyone have a solution or know if development or support is still available?

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Probably just needs a libraw update, no?

Is @floessie or @Morgan_Hardwood

It’d be nice for someone to have commit access.

I just checked, but I don’t have write access to this repo. But as far as I remember @Morgan_Hardwood has…

Thanks for checking. Maybe we should fork to the namespace so we can incorporate some PR patches.

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Is this something that a blundering Windows user like me can do on my own install? Can I just take the libraw from DTs folder and copy it to the HDRMerge folder or is it more complicated than that?

I have tried the HDRMerge on some early handheld images that were not CR3 and the results looked very promising. They seemed well aligned. The ability to do HDR merges within DT via the lua script would be a great bonus for many users. I shoot bracketed images as my standard technique. With DT’s ability to handle the dynamic range I rarely resort to exposure merging but I could benefit from it some times.

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I assume its more complicated than that, but you can try

Yep, the LibRaw API changed since, so one cannot just drop in the latest one.