Is the Map page broken?

When I did my original video on the Maps feature, you could use ctrl+alt+left click to select an initial image in the filmstrip, and shift+click to select a final image (and thus, selecting all images in between).
That functionality no longer appears to work… at least, not for me.
Would someone please try it and confirm that it’s broken, and I’ll log a bug report if that is indeed the case.

Bruce, what I have found is something like this. You select all the images in lighttable view you want to tag in the map view. Then go on to the map view and drag the images over to the exact location. All the images in the filmstrip are selected. You know by seeing a number in the left-hand corner as you drag any of the images. In the event you want to select a smaller set, then Ctrl-click on those images you want to deselect. Now when you drag any selected image, you get a smaller number.

Again, if you don’t select any image in the lighttable view, then you can select individual images in the map view.

I am using DT 4.7 - 485

Hope this helps

I still think this feature has been broken.
It used to be much more user-friendly than this.
Now, you cannot de-select all of the filmstrip images inside the Map page, unless you want to do it one by one, which is ridiculous.
And having to return to the lighttable view just to make a new selection? That’s crazy talk! :slight_smile:
I’m going to log a bug report.

Quite right. In the current state, it is useful for a small set of images . For a larger set, you have to go back and forth between lighttable and Maps. That is ridiculous, undoubtedly. Not suitable for professional photographers.

Since you are going to log a bug report, may I request you to add a feature improvement. The (gray) shade difference between a selected image and a deselected image is so subtle, that it is sometimes difficult to make out which is selected and which is not. Why not have a different color (red for instance) for the ones selected

I think it’s better to post a feature request separate from a bug report:

  • one issue per report makes it easier for tracking and dealing with issues;
  • bugs and feature requests won’t get the same priority;
  • different issues could be handled by different devs
    (in this case, the shading difference might be a simple matter of adapting the CSS, if wanted, no coding required)

You can change that via CSS I’m pretty sure.

I wish I knew how to do that. I’m not terribly tech-savvy, so would hesitate experimenting when not comfortable. Will need someone to give me step-by-step instructions on how to do it. :smiley:

There are several threads with code available, please use the forum search function.

You may add a single declaration to the currently selected CSS theme in preferences / general / CSS code text-box as follows (click the “save CSS and apply” button afterwards and close the preferences window):

@define-color thumbnail_selected_bg_color #ff0000;

This will put a pure red background to the selected picture(s) in lighttable and darkroom. Colors are specified in HEX values between 0 and FF (255) for the colors #rrggbb, i.e. gray has equal values for the three colors.
Want some more? The master file for the themes, you will find at <dt_install_dir>\share\darktable\themes\darktable.css, so you may find some other favorite CSS properties there for further tweaking the GUI :wink:

Hope this will help you with your selection highlighting question & happy tweaking.

Have a good time, Lars.

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Thanks, Lars. That worked wonderfully. Learned something today. :ok_hand: :+1:

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happy to hear that :blush: