Is there a key command to move focus between center pane and left sidebar (album view)

I’m often in Thumbnail view going through my photos with the keyboard arrow keys
when I want to change folders in the left side Album tree. I cannot for the life of me find a way to move the focus out of Thumbnails to the Album tree with the keyboard so I can go up and down through the folders with the arrow keys, (which I organize by date taken) without moving my right hand off the keyboard to use the mouse to do it. I also imagine this will mean I need a way to go from the Album tree back to the Thumbnail window with keyboard.

I use digiKam 99% of the time with the left sidebar showing the Album tree,
with the middle window in Thumbnail view.

It would be nice if right-click Go to > Album worked in this situation and had a key command. It would also be nice if there was a command to open the following/previous folder in the Album tree in thumbnail view.

Press Shift + TAB twice. That should do the job