Is there a list of upcoming/planned features?

It would be nice to have such a list to see in which direction RT is going. Also, is there a wish list somewhere? For instance, it would be nice to have tools similar to those in Lightroom, where you can apply changes locally to limited areas.

Hello, no there’s no wish list (for users) for RT. There’s also no direction where RT is going (on behalf of the devs) as far as I’m aware of. Local editing is not supported in RT. For now that is, perhaps one day that might change. Do local editing as a post-process job in GIMP, for example. RT has a button to send a processed raw file directly to GIMP.

You can always suggest to implement new features, use github for that.

Any plans for 4.3 release? There are a lot iterations (> 500) in the current development branch after 4.2. And a lot of new features (wavelets, retinex).

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