Is there a multiple-image merge feature in GIMP?

Does GIMP have an equivalent to Photoshop’s PhotoMerge Panorama?
That’s the PS feature that lets you stitch photos of two or more adjacent scenes together with some common overlapping content into one image. I’ve looked for it in the menus and the manual without success.

I don’t think so… not entirely sure. Have you considered using Hugin or xpano?
Or, for windows, a non-open source possiblity is the retired but still obtainable (via the Internet Archive) Microsoft Image Composite Editor. One of the best bits of stitching software I’ve encountered. Just wish it was open source :-/

No photo stitching in GIMP, but Steven has mentioned some good free alternatives. I use Microsoft Image Composite Editor as my go to option. Hugin is also good. If you own a Canon they provide imaging software that includes a good photo stitching option. To download the software you will need the serial number for a Canon camera. It will stitch Canon Raw files (I believe) or tiff and jpg files generated in other programs.

EDIT: Canon’s software appears not to be compatible with Windows 11 so ignore my suggestion here.

What’s the name of this package, if you recall? I’m not doubting you – I’ve got a Canon (SN and all) and don’t remember seeing it. However I very well could’ve overlooked it.


EDIT: I thought Canon Digital Photo Professional included photo stitching but I was wrong. Canon have a separate program for photostitching and it appears not to be compatible with Windows 11 so just ignore my previous suggestion.

Oh, OK. I know about DPP, I just didn’t realize it did panos and such. I thought you were referring to something else.

I have DPP 4 installed (not sure why LOL) but haven’t really used it. When I got my first DSLR in 2007 I used an earlier version of DPP for a while until I moved to a free version of Capture 1.


The panorama stitching from Canon is pretty good. I haven’t used it lately because there are so many options for stitching available. Microsoft’s ICE is my preferred program, but of course you need a Windows computer.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have installed and tried both Hugin and Microsoft ICE, and I think I will use Hugin.
ICE is no longer maintained so far as I know, and it displays rolling ads that I can’t turn off.
Also I have better feelings about open-source and the originators of Hugin.
And in my A/B test, ICE created a jagged line out of a straight one that spanned two images. Small but noticeable, and Hugin avoided that mistake.
The options took a bit of tweaking, but - heh - nothing like GIMP. :slight_smile:
I have a Canon G5X; not sure if that entitles me to use their EOS software, but if what I have now does the job I will stick with it.

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