Is there a place where newer Windows builds can be found?

I am really sure, yes.

HDRMerge_master_continuous-64-g1408e42_release_64\hdrmerge.exe (2019-07-25, does not contain the string “JPG”) => DSCF4758-4758.dng (13056040 bytes, does not contain the string “JFIF”)

HDRMerge_release-v0.6_continuous-71-gd7d8041_release_64\hdrmerge.exe (2020-02-24, contains the string “JPG” once) => DSCF4758-4758.dng (13056040 bytes, does not contain the string “JFIF”)

Seems the patch is not the fix?

That seems so!
Then could you open a bug report at

For help writing it, see How to write useful bug reports - RawPedia

I will possibly rather ask to reopen the already existing issue.

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@gaaned92 the imageformat plugins are missing in the zip.
An for jpeg support the jpeg plugin (libqjpeg) is needed.

For Windows, this will be a qjpeg.dll like in Luminance HDR.

I copied that DLL over to a subdirectory imageformats below the HDRMerge installation, and it created a DNG file containing a JPEG preview. You will prefer to deploy a current version from your QT 5 installation for future releases.

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I sort of messed up the build. Contrary to other SW I build with QT (filmulator, luminancHDR), there was no complaint about missing items.
correcting that error.

edit: It’s the problem with QT plugins. They are not managed by windeployQT.exe and I don’t know how to identify required plugins.

Build is corrected. Could you test?
thanks @LigH-de and @ff2000

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All of the links above seem to be gone. Is there any other place we can find Windows builds, or is someone willing to share once again? I’ve tried building myself briefly, but I have very limited skills in both Windows development and cross-compilation, so I’ve had no success so far.