Is there a place where newer Windows builds can be found?

I am really sure, yes.

HDRMerge_master_continuous-64-g1408e42_release_64\hdrmerge.exe (2019-07-25, does not contain the string “JPG”) => DSCF4758-4758.dng (13056040 bytes, does not contain the string “JFIF”)

HDRMerge_release-v0.6_continuous-71-gd7d8041_release_64\hdrmerge.exe (2020-02-24, contains the string “JPG” once) => DSCF4758-4758.dng (13056040 bytes, does not contain the string “JFIF”)

Seems the patch is not the fix?

That seems so!
Then could you open a bug report at Issues · jcelaya/hdrmerge · GitHub

For help writing it, see How to write useful bug reports - RawPedia

I will possibly rather ask to reopen the already existing issue.

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@gaaned92 the imageformat plugins are missing in the zip.
An for jpeg support the jpeg plugin (libqjpeg) is needed.

For Windows, this will be a qjpeg.dll like in Luminance HDR.

I copied that DLL over to a subdirectory imageformats below the HDRMerge installation, and it created a DNG file containing a JPEG preview. You will prefer to deploy a current version from your QT 5 installation for future releases.

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I sort of messed up the build. Contrary to other SW I build with QT (filmulator, luminancHDR), there was no complaint about missing items.
correcting that error.

edit: It’s the problem with QT plugins. They are not managed by windeployQT.exe and I don’t know how to identify required plugins.

Build is corrected. Could you test?
thanks @LigH-de and @ff2000

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