Is there a plug-in that straightens all lines in images?

Recently I found a program, called PixageFX, which can convert images to pixel art. What I noticed is that it straightens all the lines in the image in order to make it work better as pixel art like shown below

Does anyone know if there is a plug-in for GIMP that can straighten lines in such a way?


@Dimitar971 Welcome to the forum! It is a nice effect you have there. Perhaps a starting point would be to provide example images you want to convert into pixel art. E.g., the one you have shown: do you have the original or was this already done for you?

No, I don’t have any images or the program itself. I just found out about it, it’s for sale on Steam. In this case, I am looking for some plug-in or something in GIMP that could straighten the lines of the image, like the one I provided. Notice how the shapes are not curved. Do you know of any plug-in or effect that can achieve this?

Maybe play with filters>blur>pixelize
Or you could try GMIC’s - Degredation > Flip and rotate blocs

No, unfortunately, that would probably just produce a very muddy pixel image. I asked on another forum and as far as people are aware, there is no such plug-in for GIMP. Would be cool if someone makes one, though. :smiley:

Try this : G’MIC-Qt / Artistic / Brushify (Shape:rectangle / Maximal and minimal size : set both sliders to the right / Light Type : Flat / Number of orientations : 8 )