Is there a tool or a plugin to an existing software to make collages?

Please see the subject.
Looking either for a standalone tool or for a plugin for GIMP, Krita, digiKam, darktable, etc.

@Andrius There have been a few threads asking about this in general or how to use G’MIC, ImageMagick, GIMP, etc. to make them. Do a search and they should pop up. If not, someone can be an extra pair of eyes for you. :eyes:

Send us some examples or sketches of what you are looking for. Everyone has a different idea of what a collage should look like or a specific format that they need.

Thanks Afre, I will take a look.

What I want is basically a tool that would line up few selected images for me. I found it takes me a while to do it myself in GIMP - a lot of moving around, cropping, resizing, etc.

Use the G’MIC plugin in Gimp, it has a dedicated filter called "Montage.
Check this tutorial:


That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a ton!


Ha ha, should have kept it simple like @sguyader but there have been times the op wanted more.

@Andrius If you don’t mind, once you have figured it out, do share some of your works of art. :wink:

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