Is there a tool to rate Raw+JPG as pairs?

Yes, that’s correct, in Lighttable. By full preview I mean the right-most of the lighttable layout options at the bottom of the screen. Now, I have “use Raw file instead of embedded jpg from size” set to “never”, but when I bring (in full preview) up an ARW file form my A7s it thinks about it for a bit, then brings up a default dt processed image.
But, I’ve just discovered that with a Nikon NEF file, it just shows an embedded jpg!
I suppose the problem must be that my Sony files don’t have a sufficiently large jpg in them. Anyway, I’ve somehow got a bit sidetracked. I don’t suppose there’s a way to make DT apply ratings to both images in a grouped pair, when viewing the non-leader? That would do fine…

Just a little update.
This thread: Ordering of RAW+JPG pairs
sort of answers my last question about viewing the jpgs, but applying rating to the raw as well. I just need to learn about lua…
In the meantime, thanks to @hannoschwalm for pointing out the grouping functionality for raw+jpgs, I have a usable all-dt workflow, where I do get all my images rated, without having to do the raws and jpg separately.
As long as I rate the images before doing any processing (as I should) dt displays the embedded jpg in lighttable, so it’s fast. The only exception being my Sony files, where if the lighttable view is any bigger than 2 images on the screen, dt brings up a processed raw version, even with this turned off in the settings.

@archiemac , would this workflow work for you as well? It still doesn’t let you rate by viewing the jpgs (without the lua script mentioned above) but does dt show the BW jpg preview in lighttable with you? Just wondering. (Edit: I mean a BW embedded preview in the raw file)
Anyway, thanks for the assistance all round.

I always have the first one of these set to never…not sure if they maybe both need to be never…and if so would this help with your sony files??


Hi Todd, yes mine is set to never. I’ve used dt with Olympus, Nikon, Pentax and Sony (did someone say something about sticking to one system… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) and they all seem to show an embedded jpg - except the Sony. Interesting no?

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No, the RAW thumbnails are in colour; only the JPGs are BW. I’m OK with this: I have Collections presets to filter the displayed folder to show only JPGs, RAWs, TIFs or whatever.

I noticed that the embedded jpg’s in Sony’s raw files are particularly small (1,616x1,080 for my A-68). So if you have a large screen (or a high-resolution one) dt would have the choice between enlarging the embedded jpg, or starting from the raw image…

Ah, got it. I’m yet to try the lua script - I need to install git on my windows first -found a thread about it! - but I intend to. Cos that should solve the the problem, if it can show the jpg as the ‘leader’ of the pair.
I’ll try and let you know how it goes!

Well, that explains it, and confirms my vague suspicions… I’m not bothered about it. The two image view is ok for basic culling. Thanks!

Reviving this thread because I need this functionality, but not exactly as mentioned above.

Is there a way for dt to rate both the jpeg and raw file when its grouped?

Here is my workflow:
I shoot Raw+JPEG, I import both and have them grouped and then cull images with the star rating. I don’t really care which image is the group leader. I usually rate my keepers 3 stars or higher. I then set my filter to only show 3 stars or higher.

Here is the issue:
What I would like to do is be able to ungroup the images so that i can see a side by side of the jpeg and the edited raw file to compare…but my rating is only applying to the raw. So when I ungroup, the corresponding jpeg doesn’t show up because its being filtered out. I hope that makes sense.

Is there a setting, script, or function I’m missing that can do this?

Hi Stu
Your situation is pretty much the same as what I do now… but!
The funny thing is that when I have grouping turned on, it shows the raw as the leader, and when I rate it, that rating gets applied to the jpeg as well.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if I the use the filter that can be set to display only the leader or the other, the ratings no longer get carried over.
Any thoughts anyone?

Interesting…My group leader is the raw file as well. I’m assuming this is by default. I haven’t changed any settings in preferences. I recently installed 4.0.1 and thought I was going crazy because I could have sworn that’s how it was working on 3.8. I’ll try a fresh install and see if that fixes it.

You could try instead/also rename your darktable config folder - in windows it’s in the local folder in the hidden Appdata folder in your user folder.
That will make dt start with all the defaults, you could try it just to see if it makes a difference. Be careful though cos your database is in that folder…


I’m not sure what the problem really was, but I believed I have fixed it. I first uninstalled, deleted the config file, restarted computer, re-installed, but it still was not applying ratings to both jpeg and raw files, only the raws, when grouped.

The solution that seems to have worked, was the solution I didn’t want. I deleted all the xmp files for this particular folder, which was some 1200 images or so. I removed the folder from collections, restarted dt and re-imported all the images to generate fresh xmp files. Now the ratings seem to be applying both to the raws and jpegs. But now i have to cull those 1200 images again.

So something seemed to have been off with the original xmp files for some reason. I’m not sure what, but I did try to copy/paste the original xmp files back in the folder, but the results went back to not appying the rating to jpegs. repeating the process of generating fresh xmp files seems to work each time. so i don’ t know. Its fixed…for now.

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Glad you got it sorted… but I’ve no idea what was going on :neutral_face: