is there a way to hide pp3 files

i am using Windows 10 and after editing photos in Rawtherapee and Gimp and creating a final storage file when i open the file i see a thumbnail of the image and then next to it a thumbnail of the pp3 file. This makes the folder look very cluttered. This is a recent occurrence as previously edited images don’t show the pp3 file.
Is there any way to hide the pp3 file?

Just to clarify:

Are you talking about RawTherapee’s File Browser or a file browser native to Windows?

RawTherapee doesn’t show the pp3s in its own browser and even if you would manually add this extension in Preferences → File Browser → Parsed Extensions it does not show up (kinda what I expected). At least this is how it is supposed to work.

So please elaborate a bit.

Preferences > tab Image Processing > Processing Profile Handling > Save processing profile to cache.

I just sort files by type, this way all the pp3-s go to the bottom

As you speak from the final storage file, I guess you are saving them to a location different from the location of the raw file. In this case just: