Is there a way to show an image in the Mac Finder from darktable?

Is there a way to open the Mac finder directly at the location of an image I have selected in darktable? I can’t find a way but it would be very useful.

Hi, AFAIK not. Checked some other applications on my Mac and not much photo-software can do this. On my machine only XNView does.
What is the use-case ?
I’m not missing such a feature in dt, although it could be handy.

The immediate use case was to find a RAW image I wanted to post here. Capture One has this feature. In RawTherapee the folder structure is being displayed so it’s also easier to find the file on disk. In dt this seems a little hidden after import.

In Lighttable on your left under ‘collect images’, click files, folders. You should now be able to see your folder structure.
That’s the way I always work in dt.

There is a lua script, OpenInExplorer, that will do it.