Is there a way to use a Stylus pen on Gimp?

Hello, Just bought a stylus pen for my phone, and I thought it’d be really fun if I could somehow use it in Gimp, but I’ve never had one before, so have no idea. :slight_smile:

Which stylus pen did you get?

Usually you’d need a wacom tablet (or similar) to use a pen in gimp.

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the stylus pen has a fine tip and a mesh tip :slight_smile:

Unless you can run gimp.on your phone, or have a touch screen on your computer, this won’t work

I just tried With KDE Connect to draw from my phone to my computer and it works.

You need to install KDE Connect on your phone from the app-store and install KDE Connect on your computer (It’s Free And Open Source)

open KDEconnect on your phone and on your computer, Pair them (ask to pair on your phone an alert appear on your computer, click yes and you’re set (next time no need to pair, your computer should recall your phone and vice-versa)

then open Gimp on your computer and from your phone use “remote input” area in the KDEConnect app, to draw with your pen on your Android phone
(tip: one tap-stay to activate drawing, and draw, once finish or change color, tap to de-activate drawing and move your pointer like a pointer)

If you have a tablet (Android) you will be able to use it a bit like a wacom tablet

Last but not the least both phone and computer should be on the same network (wifi)


Yeah, I was just coming back on here as I’d come to that realization as well.

Well hey, thank you PixLab!

Something new to play with :slight_smile: :grinning: