Is there an easy way to make a picture have a wrinkled paper effect like the canvas effect?

I love the Filters/Artistic/Apply Canvas effect because it’s a one or two click thing. But I don’t want to use it on every video I make. I would LOVE to have a wrinkled paper effect that works the same way. It would be sweet to hit Filters/Artistic/Wrinkled paper and give my images that look. Any hints that don’t involve ten steps? I love Gimp.

you could try filters > distort > engrave
change the layer mode to overlay if you want to keep the color

Morning @markdarden53, and welcome!

@sallyanne: you are more skilled with The Gimp
than I am — wasn’t there some kind of ‘wrinkled paper’
script available at the end of the 1990s or there about-ish?

I’ll have a look at my old files during the day.

Addendum: How to create crumpled paper from scratch in GIMP (HD) - YouTube

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

there is a paper texture still. You may be thinking of the pattern that was in the gimp package.

Another way it could be done is
open your image
add a white layer.
Using Gmic, click on patterns, satin and run. Then use the overlay mode

Thankyou Claes, But I didn’t know about gimp until the early 2000’s :wink:

I asked a person who creates a lot of scripts and they said they would just use a picture of wrinkled paper then overlay.

Might be an idea if you spend the time and make a wrinkled paper effect pattern that you could use over and over. You could try this How To Make Crumpled Paper Effect in Photoshop | Photoshop Tutorial - YouTube . Most things in photoshop can be converted to gimp.
If you scroll down to PixLab’s reply heere Wrinkled paper • GIMP Chat you will see ihe conversion.
By the way welcome to Pixls

Thanks to all. Thanks for the welcome, too. I have not figured out how to do layers yet. I guess I now have a reason (mandate) LOL

Here’s a tut on using layers for beginners

Yay !!! Smiley faces all around !!!

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