Is there any tutorial available on how to make ornamental wallpaper patterns in Gimp?

Does anyone no where I can find a tutorial on how to make patterns like this in Gimp?
or this?

I notice that these types of patterns are all over the internet but, I can’t find a tutorial on how to make anything like this. Is there a tutorial available? If not, could you give me instructions on how to do something similiar. I’ve already attempted to make similiar patterns in gimp and I do like the results. However, as a beginner to the software, my technique lacks versatility and I like to know if I’m doing things properly.

Hi @audiobellum, and welcome!

Sounds as if you should Web search
for tileable and/or seamless
and/or repeatable and/or patterns
plus Gimp, of course.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Since Gimp 2.10 there is a “symmetry painting” functionality.

So to create a tilable pattern W×H pixels, you create a 3×W by 3×H image and the symmetry to `Tiling’, W×H. You paint away and when you are done, you cut a W×H piece (usually at the center, but it can be anywhere).

For instance a 600×600 image, with a 200×200 tiling:

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You might also want to look at vector graphics to produce those kinds of patterns. Inkscape has the functionality of “tiled clones”.

Edit: This is not very creative but demonstrates what can be done (open SVG with Inkscape).

Edit 2: changed example image