Is there any variable or setting that will allow the file size (Mb) to be displayed??

I have looked at the file information window and wondered why it does not report file size. I guess it becomes easy to guess what your raw file sizes are bit working with jpg files perhaps saved at different levels of compression it might be a nice thing to be able to display…Likely it is and it has just not occurred to me…It would be nice to see it in thumb overlays I have just not found a way to make that work…any thoughts??

With a lua script I think you can add it to the overlay, and you can add it to the image information display.

Thank Bill I still have not had a chance to mess with lua… It just seems like this would be basic info already included in the default set??

The file size isn’t stored in the database. It could be calculated from the pixels and bit depth, or read from the file system.

Maybe I will put in a feature request. It just seems like information that should be easily available…

IMHO “filesize” is useless metric telling nothing useful in terms of photo workflow. So… why even have it :wink: after all file manager does display the sizes when dealing with files :wink:

The real question is: why do you want to have the file size ? what is your use case ? or in other word: how will you use the file size ?

So recently I had an issue with Google. It did an update and in some way began uploading my DNG files and then syncing them back to my phone. In the end it was only uploading the previews. I had these 500K DNG files and if I tried to download them elsewhere it downloaded JPG files. While trying to initially discover the problem and review my files It was hard when you have a mix of previews and perhaps different versions of say jpg files either exported or collected from different sources maybe saved at different compression etc etc So you have to go to the file system to confirm that information and it would just be nice to know at a glance from within DT.

For raw files you don’t really care that much I agree. DT doesn’t really reveal too much about the parameters used when exporting files other than compression % so you can often only go by file size to guess on quality or go to a file manager or external viewer to confirm the file properties…

I can certainly live with out it on the other hand its seems weird to have a file info window that does not include that information.

It makes sense: you have a bunch of potentially duplicate pictures from different sources and want to differentiate between them to be able to filter or sort or cleanup your db.
My question was really about the need and you have one that makes sense.
Could be small feature request (and probably an easy first contribution for someone that want to contribute to the code)

Thanks for your comments…I have a lot of travel photos from over the years going back to the early 2000’s. I have been going back to edit cull and organize them. Even old jpg files taken with my Lumix weather proof point and shoot can be dramatically improved with DT even though I know its primary function is as raw processor. This collection of images actually encompasses 3 different cameras and all the versions and variations that i may have accumulated over the years. That was why I had a need. I also thought it might be a simple thing to grab it from exif data or enable a tag?? Really I just thought it might be relatively easy so I thought I would ask. I can see if it is a big amount of work why it might be low priority. Again thanks for your feedback…