Is there anyone in the know with Budgie desktop?

Hi y’alls

I set up my new notebook and was choosing my desktop. XFCE is cool and dandy and all but after nine years I was tempted by something different. Gnome would be great (I started on Gnome 2 and went to Gnome 3 before XFCE), but there’s the fuck-up with wayland and the double cursors, so I fell for Budgie.

Cool Gnome looks, comes with the App-bar on the left side (where I had put mine in XFCE, too) and has a number of great dark themes that really work throughout the system. But there’s one thing that sucks big time.

You can’t open multiple instances of one program. Say I have a terminal open on desktop one and I click on the bar on desktop three to open one there, too, it fucking doesn’t work. Instead I will be warped to desktop one and find myself with that terminal. I then have to open a new instance in that terminal and push it over two desktops to the place where I need it.

Same shit with the file-manager. I can’t open it multiple times on different desktops.

Who knows how to change that? I found nothing so far

Doesn’t CTRL + N open new instances of an application?

I wonder if it’s possible to right- or option-click the terminal icon to get a context menu?

I might not have explained well enough:

I open the filemanager and see my folders in /home/stefan. I click on “Pictures” and the filemanager changes to that folder. I want it to open a new instance with “Pictures” while keeping /home/stefan open as well. I want a new window next to the one I was in.

Same for terminals and so on.

Alt + F2 opens the budgie run dialog, which I’d assume allows you to launch another instance of an application.

Other than that, I’d assume “open a new instance” is application dependant. Appareently Ctrl alt t does it in the terminal.

That’s what I understood. Iirc, in Ubuntu I can right click launcher icons to ‘open new’.

I use the Cinnamon DE (at the moment anyway) on Mint 19.3. For the file manager, hit F3, and it splits the pane into two, so you can have to different folders open at the same time.

Or you can open one instance of the file manager. Then in the menu right click it, and a menu comes up giving you the choice to open a new instance opened on a new place, e.g. /home/photos/Stefan

Or press Ctrl+N to open a new instance.

@beachbum, how are you getting on with the Budgie desktop? Did you solve your problems with it?

Can you give some information about the problem? Maybe a link?

Nope, no solution - I simply got used to the way it is ;o)

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I can do better - I can let you reproduce the problem:

Install ubuntu and Gnome as GUI

  • add a graphic tablet ( I have an intuos CTL 480)
  • start darktable or Gimp
  • you now have two mouse pointers. One from the system (or the trackpad in my case) and one from the graphic tablet
  • within minutes you will have none or one frozen or two frozen.
  • works like a charm on four different notebooks so far. A HP, a LS14R7 (Linuxshop), a Lenovo 410 and a Lenovo Thinkpad W541.
  • I can reproduce the problem through
    . native Gnome installation
    . Gnome added to a native XFCE installation
    . Gnome added to a native Budgie installation

Right now XFCE is by far the best but Budgie looks so much cooler and Gnome can absolutely not be taken into consideration if you work with a graphic tablett.

Sorry, I have no graphic tablet :wink: . I use Gnome a lot and wayland gives me still some problems. On my distribution (Arch) I can choose between Gnome under Xorg or Gnome under wayland with GDM. So I still use Xorg on all my systems.
Under Ubunttu you also can apparently easily change to Xorg. Did you try his?

Naw - KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Budgie works and that’s it.

If you like Budgie, keep it :slight_smile: . However, the change means just to delete one character in a configuration file. Budgie might work in contrast to Gnome, because it does not use wayland. But sooner or later this will change. Hopefully, the wayland bug you described will no longer exist at that time.

I do hope so !

Remember: Wayland doesn’t have working color management right now.

Or proper (graphics) tablet support.

“It’s the future, it’s advanced…” :stuck_out_tongue:

It gets better and better ;o)

Gnome can still be run on X11. You have to install an extra package (like gnome-desktop-xorg or something) and then you can choose at session login which one you want.

I tried Budgie, it’s a nice attempt but far from being mature, so to keep things simple… I’m not convinced :wink:

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