Is there FOSS video editing software?


Perfectly fine with that. The OS part of my question was out of curiosity…:sweat_smile:


For fcpx

Fcpx users (that still don’t know about it) - supposed to work with 10.2.3 too, mosdef gonna love these free & inmensely useful:
#Final Cut Pro Hacks - HOME#


You’ll just need lua powering and also free




FCPX Hacks requires Final Cut Pro **10.3 **(or above) and **Hammerspoon 0.9.52 **(or above).

It’s compatible with macOS 10.10.5 (or above), and works with any language and keyboard layout.

The Touch Bar feature requires macOS Sierra 10.12.1 build 16B2657 (or above).

We recommend changing the Hammerspoon Notification alert style to Alerts. This can be done in the Notifications section of macOS **System Preferences **once Hammerspoon has been installed.

FCPX Hacks is compatible with Final Cut Pro 10.2.3, however it’s no longer supported and new features will not be added for this older version – we recommend updating to Final Cut Pro 10.3. Earlier versions of Final Cut Pro X are not supported, and FCPX Hacks is not designed to have Final Cut Pro 10.2 and 10.3 on the same system. It does not work with Final Cut Pro 7 (or below).



Please be aware that I’m a filmmaker, not a programmer, so use at your own risk!

You can download the latest version of FCPX Hacks
#here (version 0.72 – 2nd Jan 2016 @ 03:20). - DL link 2.8MB DMG

After downloading and installing the latest version of Hammerspoon (which you must do first), you can just download and open up the above DMG file, make sure Hammerspoon is closed, then drag the script files on the left to the Hammerspoon folder on the right (replacing any existing files if you’ve previously installed FCPX Hacks).

— the folder they mentioned is a hidden .hammerspoon that lives in your home folder —

If you need help installing Hammerspoon, you can refer to the original blog entry below.

DISCLAIMER: As some of the Advanced features in FCPX Hacks make changes to Final Cut Pro’s internal files (which requires your Administrator password), please take care when using on mission critical or production systems. FCPX Hacks basically sits “on top” of Final Cut Pro, so it shouldn’t ever cause Final Cut Pro to crash to slow down – but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Some screen-crabs

BIG thank you to developers =)


My experience is with mac, some of the below apps also wolrk with linux and win though

There’s also Scratch Play by Assimilate (mac/win) which is quite powerfull, I gave it a long test drive but I ended up not using it -


+1 for Shotcut :tiger2: -

+1 for Avidemux :ram: - this is an hybrid case, not really an NLE can be used as a converter also. I’ll leave it here with an umbrella


  • Logarist // Video Color Correction (FCPX, Davinci Resolve and Vegas, OS independent) this one I cannot vouch for, I’m still trying to figure out if is something practical and/or accurate enough to ditch the standard or even ACES… I highly doubt it but will see -


There used to be a very nice free software for windows called ClipToolz that also worked with ML, but I lost track of it




  • Handbrake which came out the beta closet and just took 13 years XD -

  • Hybrid fully fledge batch video converter by the good of Selur -

  • TSmuxerGUI, bbDEMUX, MKVToolNix, remux, mkvtools - deal with the avchd streams, with mkv wrappers and so on

  • Free AVCHD to Mov that’s an okay transcoder in the appstore (mac only I’m affraid) whcih does a decent job in rewrapping and transcodimng footage. There are very expensive software that does not deal “properly” with some avchd streams and fucks up in the conversion, this one does not, ffmpeg based. Personally I use ffmpeg, faster wrapper possible.

  • Adapter depite the axolotl, I personally don’t like it, but it’s free and ffmpeg based too -

  • RockyMountains Movie Converter h265 transcoder-
    #scratching djay crocodille?#

+1 for ffmpeg :dog2: - (compiled binaries for mac -



  • iwltbap lut generator -

  • LUTCalc -

  • MediInfo have a peek on the files properties -

  • Media-Info almost same as above, in the app store, very simple and clean

  • KODI - maybe OT, but as a media center it also deals with moving images

  • OBS screenrec, low-fi realtime multicam edit // see syphon project for other options -

  • Monosnap also screen rec, this one works nicelly in the mac

  • Microsoft Hyperlapse used to be free, I don’t know right now, could be used to stabilize footage and cool TLesque effects, there was a mac version too.


(farid) #24

For advanced editing I will recommend Kdenlive it is the only one that has all the features I need. Shotcut and Flowblade are worth keeping an eye on for the future but for now it is Kdenlive. If you want to try Blender you could use the Easy Logging Addon but frankly I need a classical paradigm and can’t get to used to Blender’s VSE although some people can.

My ideal scenario is to use Kdenlive for editing and Natron or Blender for advanced comṕositing. Hopefully Kdenlive will have an EDL export soon.

(farid) #25

I would love that. :smiley:

(Jonas Wagner) #26

I tried Shotcut since it has been mentioned quite a few times. It seems to make basic edits quite easy and provide the features for that but it also seems to end as soon as you want to for instance animate a parameter.

(Sandeep Nayak) #27

There is a nice tutorial set on how to use Blender as a Video editor. It has around 27 videos which shows in details how blender can be used for video editing.

(Isaac Ullah) #28

I recently switched from Blender to Shotcut. Before blender I had been using openshot and kdenlive, but found both to be a bit too unstable. Blender works really well, but it’s a mammoth piece of software and took a lot of work to figure out. Seemed overkill for my uses (cutting and editing vlog video for YouTube). So far Shotcut is doing everything I want in a NLE. For simpler things, I still use avidemux or ffmpeg. I particularly prefer ffmpeg to reduce file sizes, change encoding, change frame rate, or to make video from a series of images.

(João Almeida) #29

Doing my first tries in video so I’ll save this reply for later! Thanks! :+1:


If you need something very very simple you can try Movie Maker by Microsoft. It’s free but not open source.

(Peter Lavender) #31

kdenlive has been working fine for me, fairly simple to get the desired results so far, but I’m not doing anything overly complex.

As a photographer, what would you like your video editor to have?
(Pat David) #32

I appreciate all of the responses! Can we try to remember to keep it focused on Free/Open options, though?

(farid) #33

@Isaac sometimes Kdenlive can be unstable due to distro packaging issues, specially due to older MLT versions.

Here you can find recommended ways to install Kdenlive the correct way:

Let me know if you need any help.

(Isaac Ullah) #34

Thanks @frd. I should have also mentioned that one of the other reasons I stopped using kdenlive is that I made a choice a few years back to not use any kde based tools in an effort to keep my installation minimal. I use xubuntu, and have a fairly old laptop with small RAM that I use at home that really benefits from a small and light desktop. Shotcut works well for me as if now, so I’m happy with it for the time being.

(farid) #35

I see, there is a snap version of Kdenlive if you don’t wanna go through all the KDE dependencies. Shotcut is a great tool but not for me yet. Also have you given Flowblade a try? It is under active development, GTK based and uses MLT (just like Shotcut and Kdenlive).

(Mica) #36

There is a kdenlive AppImage, the most minimal of installs!

(farid) #37

Taking this a bit further:


To add to the list, iina (0.5) , a GUI for mpv player (0.24.0).

Mpv by itself is a fascinating, ever powerfull and vast universe to explore, iina just makes it a bit easier for those without the time. Personally I think they’re building a quite nice frontend, URL playback (through youtube-dl), playlist managing, direct acces to vid and audio EQ, crop, AR, speed, ext audio load, configurable keybindings, all important subtitles options and most common prog settings.

Anyway as a vid player is useful to any editor though it could be of interest, cheers :unicorn:


Too bad it is for MacOS only…

(Mica) #40

There is at least one GUI for MPV for Linux as well.