Is there FOSS video editing software?


I use smplayer with MPV.


Ha ha ha too bad, yes, those fruity basterds :lemon::honeybee::lemon:

On the other hand you can run mpv (which is what i currently use) on all platforms =)
For reference to anyone interested and having in mind that some are for (my) real time editing needs, these are the (lua) scripts I have installed. Some are slightly modified and others older versions. Bold is for can’t live without you baby

  • /// 8.0K /// still working it out
  • 8.0K autoload.lua
  • 8.0K autosub.lua (uses subliminal)
  • 8.0K change-OSD-media-title.lua
  • 8.0K cycle-video-rotate.lua
  • ~8.0K delogo.lua~ // what are you doing here, get out!!!
  • 8.0K – activated only when needed {ø}
  • 8.0K – different uses from crop, ø
  • 8.0K – ø
  • 8.0K drc-control.lua
  • 8.0K equalizer.lua
  • 8.0K – this is excerpt.lua, ø
  • 8.0K fpsadjust.lua
  • 8.0K navigator.lua
  • 8.0K ontop-playback.lua
  • 8.0K – this is progressbar.lua, ø
  • 8.0K reload.lua
  • 8.0K – different capabilities from excerpt, used to extract in/out marked sections
  • 8.0K stats.lua
  • 16K crop.lua
  • 16K playlistmanager.lua – with navigator gives mpv playlist like basic interface

MPV USER SCRIPTS - Some of the user’s scripts are OS “endemic”

Playing a video from youtube is as simple as mpv “
You can play only the audio if you wish and since this version (experimental) you can even record whatever you stream. I really enjoy the DRC (dynamic range control) script and the binaural af=lavfi=[bs2b=profile=jmeier] option as I can hear audio spacially loud on my AKGs donuts :doughnut:

Now boring screengrabs to annoy everybody :stuck_out_tongue:

standard pseudo-gui (change-OSD-media-title => dropped frames apppear after the played %)



Stats (can be permanent or momentaneous); as this stream had no audio, no audio stats

With progressbar script

With progressbar script FS (added botton canvas)

Esay LUTs loading
Metadata parsing without reencoding

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I am starting to use gnome-mpv instead of VLC.


I am wondering why people love mpv. Is it any better than VLC or QtAV?


I’ve never tried QtAV but mpv has better-feeling seeking than VLC.


Last time I checked VLC didn’t support display profiles which mpv (and mplayer which it’s based on) does.

$ cat ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf 

Another benefit is that it comes without a GUI and starts quickly. So in essence it’s a better mplayer.

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I am testing it to see that exactly.