Isle of Harris, Scotland

Just back from trip to Harris, Lewis and Uist in the Outer Hebrides

My first effort from the trip

I added some blue to the highlights as it seemed a bit too orange in the sky but now I’m not sure… find it hard to figure out whether stuff looks weird after staring at the image for ages. Also, maybe the highlights need a boost, at least on the ground.

Here’s the raw:
P1082742.RW2 (23.1 MB)

And the sidecar:
P1082742.RW2.xmp (11.8 KB)

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Good picture, peaceful
I always like white buildings in compositions, maybe because of water-colorist, Thomas Girtin

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Thanks. They’re almost all white in Harris. Must be to reflect the blazing hot Hebridean sun.

Good light on the pic
bit like Cornwall which can be warm

I did a quick edit. Very different to yours because I never saw the original scene. Looks a nice location.

I also looked at your camera settings. In my opinion I would advice turning the ISO up to 400 ISO and using a quicker shutter speed to reduce the risk of subject blur with the grass in the foreground. 400 ISO image quality I would imagine to be as good as lower ISO on your camera.

I have added the xmp file for anyone interested
P1082742.RW2.xmp (9.3 KB)

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Thanks the suggestions. Yes, I normally just slap it on aperture priority and forget about the shutter speed…. I did a more contrasty version, though not as much as this. I struggle with knowing which way to go. Need to think more before I start fiddling with sliders.

Photography is not about capturing reality but rather interpreting reality. As a photographer you need to close your eyes and remember the emotions you felt seeing the scene. Then move those sliders to share your interpretation of the scene. For me looking at your scene, I thought it was late afternoon with low light and that is why I hit the contrast harder than you. I also set white balance to daylight so that I captured the colours the same way colour slide film would have. If i want to draw attention to the white buildings I would have masked that area and brightened it a little to draw the eye into that part of the picture. But for me the foreground water was the draw card.

200722_16h59-9216.CR2.pp3 (11.2 KB)


It’s notable that both your version and @josemar127 ‘s are bluer, which I think was closer to the scene as I remember it. So I think my white balance was off.

I took a shot at it, kind of in-between a couple of the others. I wanted to make sure that greenery was showing up in the sunset light.

P1082742.RW2.xmp (20.7 KB)


I like the green lift in your image. How did you choose to achieve this?

This, to me, is a good balance

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I created a drawn (path) mask in a second color balance rgb instance, so when I added some mid-tones (and just a tad of shadow) perceptual brilliance grading, it also brightened it up a bit. Originally I had a second mask on the foreground greenery, but it made it a little too bright so I deleted it.

I thought I might need to put an additional exposure instance after color balance rgb (and use a raster mask) to raise it, but it was bright enough without it. I did mask out the sky and add just a (very) little low-frequency contrast equalizer to slightly emphasize the clouds.


Thank you for sharing.
My first try in GIMP. My aims: I wished to keep the grass and flowers in the foreground to give depth to the image, but the fence posts were a distraction so they had to go! To create a more panoramic aspect I cropped the less interesting part of the sky.
I feel that it needs more detail in the darker parts of the photograph.


Thanks. I didn’t mind the fence posts to add a bit of human mess but thought about cropping out the grey clouded sky. I used a mask to increase the exposure of the mid ground shore front. The building in the distance seemed the obvious focal point for me, but it’s a bit small and disappears into the landscape.

I took another shot with the mid ground lit by the sun but then lost the light on the building…

P1082742.pfi (73.0 KB)


Maybe my favourite so far. Maybe the mid ground could be lightened or perhaps that would be distracting.

I wonder how people set white balance as mine seems so skewed yellow. In camera or colour picker or manual?

Starting from your xmp I’ve used the modern white balance and added a little of vibrance
P1082742.RW2.xmp (12.0 KB)