ISO range on iPhone 8

I don’t always have a camera, so I try to get something from iPhone. This image illustrates.

Do you consider 2k ISO to be usable?

No, I think the sensors in phones have a long way to go.

Is there a question in your post or do you just want to make a statement about the iPhone 8?

“Iso” in digital photography does not mean the same as in film. The sensor does not change physically by different iso settings. So “iso range” is just what the manufacturer thinks to be useful.

This link may interest you. Recently I had a conversation with a proud owner of an iphone 6s+. She said that her dslr was too bulky and she could get good pictures of anything she needs with her iphone. I’ll agree that cameras on cell phones are here to stay and that even a lousy picture is better than no picture in many cases. However, I did point out to her that there’s a reason that you won’t see people at sporting events using an iphone on the sidelines.

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I posted after a long hectic week, and was not clear. So…

Q: I don’t remember having an ISO range this wide (20-2,000) on my previous phone; 5c. In fact I remember not being able to go lower than ISO 100. Does anyone know of a way to keep track of advances in mobile-device photo technology? (Google has not always helped me with this.)

Very nice link @sls141 !

In 1987 I owned a 4x5. Being limited to an iPhone and an old Canon Rebel is somewhat crazy making. That occasionally shows up in these posts where I try to get something useful from the phone.