Issue with processing RAW files

Hi all,

So this weird thing happens when I am trying to open RAW files where the file is fine in the preview of the program but once I open it in the editor, it distorts completely and becomes overly green. This doesnt seem to be the case with JPEGs. Any help on this matter would be great.

Hi @Nikhil_Sontha
Your screenshot shows you’re using version 4.1.1 of the program, which is very old. Your camera was probably not yet supported at that time. Uninstall it, and install the latest version (RT 5.0-r1-gtk3), which you can download from


Thanks, I had a newer version earlier but it kept crashing every time I tried to save the image. Hence, I downloaded the older version. Any solutions for that?

This is what I am seeing with the newer version. Although I don’t get that distortion, I cant save my image. :frowning:

@Nikhil_Sontha How to write useful bug reports - RawPedia

You should erase all sata stored about RT. (Imean in the Appdata folder).
Are you sure you use the good version (32 or 64 bits)?

no problem with Antivirus during install?

Try to reinstall all, launch as admin for once and see if it’s the same.

it worked fine after i deleted all the Rawtherapee folders in Appdata. Thanks a bunch!