Issues with Kdenlive

@frd invited me to share some of the issues I was facing in G'MIC for OpenFX and Adobe plugins - #122 by frd. Don’t want to hijack that thread.

Anyone is welcome to share their experiences here.

I am using Linux Mint. Not sure which version. Perhaps within 3 years. It is a relative’s laptop. One issue that I have been having is with the video recording tool. (Recording from webcam ATM.) It isn’t intuitive to find. The manual (Wiki) entry doesn’t have instructions.

There are a few issues with the actual recording. First, I can’t do a second recording after stopping the first. Kdenlive becomes unstable and I have to kill it. Don’t know the cause. Could be a number of software or firmware issues. Second, while recording there is a delay and that delay is distracting because the preview has sound, so if I were to recording my singing, I would be singing over my delayed voice. To mitigate the problem, I turn off the audio; but again, that is another step too many. I have to turn up the volume after to hear the recording.

Last minor issue is that the interface doesn’t keep its positioning settings after relaunch. It might be a result of using a small laptop screen.


with distros that are not rolling release it is recommended to use the AppImage, since the provided versions are usually way behind. You can get it from the download page.

Yes, we need to improve our documentation and help is much needed. A community led effort is starting to look into it, you are welcome to join the effort. :wink:

Do note that the recording option is rather simple, you might want to record with a more appropriate tool such as audacity or ardour. This feature was mostly done to help video tutorial makers to record a voice over for their footage. It hasn’t received more attention than that. But if you are experiencing issues do open a bug report.

Maybe a bug, do test with latest version.

Do you have any suggestions for video recording using the builtin laptop camera?

Can’t get much more lightweight than ffmpeg:

Example to encode video from /dev/video0:

ffmpeg -f v4l2 -framerate 25 -video_size 640x480 -i /dev/video0 output.mkv

Is there a solution where one could preview the video component while recording? I am guessing that your example doesn’t do that.

OBS Studio. It is probably more powerful than what you really need, but there is a lot of info and tutorials.

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Big +1 for OBS. I’m assembling the stuff to record some tutorials, and OBS makes capture easy. Studio mode puts the scene constructor and the output side-by-side.

The only thing I wanted that wasn’t dirt-simple was what they call “telestrating”, where you write on the screen to point out stuff, like they do on the sports shows with plays. i ended up writing a wxWidgets telestrator that just works, no setting up a Paint image and all that. It comes up green, you sketch with the mouse, and the space bar erases your noodlings. Just include it as a windows source in your scene, make it the same size as your other source, and put on a green chroma-key filter. I’ll be putting the source code on github sometime soon.

You are using which version of Kdenlive? Because the video capture option has been deprecated for a while now. There is audio recording and screen recording though…