It is this time of the year again... Discourse 3.1.0 coming to a forum near you soon

All the details here


Image Grid looks like the perfect feature for this forum :slight_smile:


The threads support looks a lot like what is in Slack. I find it’s a great way to lose track of conversations in Slack. I would not be disappointed at all if it fails to make it into this forum. :wink:

I believe threads are for the chat feature, not discussions. And since chat isn’t enabled here, we won’t be getting them :slight_smile:


Finally upgraded. Please report all errors in this thread. It might need a shift reload to get rid of the old files.


More changes coming!


3.2.0 deployed.


We switched to ruby 3.3. Please report if you see anything unusual.


On the topic of Discourse, it seems that badges on my avatar pic don’t reset like (or as quickly) as they did in the past – possibly before the last major Discourse upgrade a few months ago. For example, if I get a blue badge indicating a reply or like, I can click on it and I’ll be taken to that reply or like, as always. But the dot almost always remains on the avatar. Sometimes it’ll eventually go away, other times it doesn’t until I click around on the drop-down topics and / or the profile icon that’s highlighted. I’ve not recognized a pattern yet.

Is that a thing or do I misunderstand how they’re supposed to dismiss themselves?

Just curious.

The other day, I noticed that text fields have copy and expand buttons now (on hover in desktop mode; mobile mode does not have the expand button).


@lphilpot I noticed that. The notifications dropdown takes a while to refresh too. Being a completionist, I keep on having to interact with the forum obsessively until everything is as it should be. A carpel tunnel instigator, it is. :sweat_smile:

There’s a “dismiss” button at the bottom that nukes 'em all… Just noticed that. :slight_smile:

There has always been a dismiss button, but I generally use it to clear notifications that I do not care for or ones that I will look into later after bookmarking. I expect interacted with items to stop displaying indicators.


There is also a longer albeit still small delay in refreshing posts when I edit them. Because I want to preview how the text looks outside of the post editor’s preview (often it is not exactly the same), I typically press the edit button and close again to force a refresh, beat the edited status clock and ensure that people are reading the right thing. This small hack used to yield instant results. Now, there is a delay there too.

But these are just small inconveniences. Has more to do with me, my pet peeves and preferences than anything else. Ha ha.

Dunno if related, but since, I think, yesterday, I ran into a couple of instances where, while writing a response, the interface said “Draft error”, and the Firefox development tools showed that I got 503 (service unavailable) responses from the server. Then (when the service becomes available again, I suppose), it pretends that the draft got edited in another tab, and I have to refresh the page (I generally do a select-all-then-copy beforehand to avoid loosing my last few words).

that was probably during the time where I upgraded our instance to deploy security fixes.

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Upgrade again?

I am not sure about the version numbers, but some discourse sites I follow now have a distinctly new UI (for example, the x r key combo is gone). As you can imagine, using sites with different versions is a big PITA, no matter if I approve or disapprove of the changes.




we are on the latest stable version. if the other discourse sites are hosted by the organization it might be that they run on the development version of discourse.

Other sites also using the new (I think) version:

Or maybe is’t a new setting in 3.2.0 of which you’re uanaware?