It would be nice ... if the local adjustment ellipse and rectangle could be rotated


I am using this dev version:

As far as I can find - it’s not possible to rotate the rectangle in Local Adjustments?
If it could be rotated - and a linear graduated filter could be added as a tool - it could be used the same way as the Graduated Filter - but with more than one occurrence.

Also the 4 dots in the ellipse should have a horizontal component to shape it ad libitum.



“Rotate”, this is one of the things to do, but it is much more complicated than it seems. So at least not for 5.9

But in many tools you have “Graduated filter” (with gradient angle)

  • color and light : standard / advanced ==> luma gradient, chroma gradient, hue gradient
  • dynamic range and exposure : standard / advanced => luma gradient
  • shadows highlight : standard / advanced => luma gradient
  • log encoding : standard / advanced ==> luma gradient
  • wavelet : advanced ==> local contrast gradient
  • vibrance / warm cool : standrad / advanced - luma gradient, chroma gradient, hue gradient
  • ?

Some masks are also with Graduated filter mask…


Thank you, Desmis. Will investigate those options further.

What about a horizontal component to the navigation points in the ellipse? That would make it at lot easier to shape it closer to an object. Sometimes the Preview Delta E scope is not excluding everything for good reasons.


Same problem as rotate…difficult. Not for 5.9


Thank you, Jacques. Am looking forward to 5.9 with great expectations anyway.