João Almeida darktable Presets Updated Release


(Pat David) #1

Since he won’t come here to talk about it, I’ll do it for @t3mujin and mention that he has an update to his preset package " T3MUJINPACK 0.4.0" is now available to download from his website.

If you try them and like them, don’t forget to let him know and thanks! There are some gorgeous emulations (and sample images to go along with them). Thank you João!

His Portra 160 before/after:



There are quite a few emulations that you might enjoy, so check it out!

(Jean-Paul) #2

Thanks to João for the work he does for and to share it.

(João Almeida) #3

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(João Almeida) #4

You’re so right @patdavid! I planned on posting it here but this week i’ve been a bit under the water.

A word for everyone: I did a lot of work into the Portra styles, in this one all have richer colors and you may or may not enjoy it. Feel free to share your feedback.

(Brian Innes) #5

@t3mujin , thanks for sharing these darktable presets! I’ll certainly find them useful!

(João Almeida) #6

Thanks Brian, and feel free to share your feedback.