João Almeida darktable Presets Updated Release

Since he won’t come here to talk about it, I’ll do it for @t3mujin and mention that he has an update to his preset package " T3MUJINPACK 0.4.0" is now available to download from his website.

If you try them and like them, don’t forget to let him know and thanks! There are some gorgeous emulations (and sample images to go along with them). Thank you João!

His Portra 160 before/after:



There are quite a few emulations that you might enjoy, so check it out!


Thanks to João for the work he does for and to share it.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:


You’re so right @patdavid! I planned on posting it here but this week i’ve been a bit under the water.

A word for everyone: I did a lot of work into the Portra styles, in this one all have richer colors and you may or may not enjoy it. Feel free to share your feedback.


@t3mujin , thanks for sharing these darktable presets! I’ll certainly find them useful!

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Thanks Brian, and feel free to share your feedback.

For those of you that like to be on the cutting edge and follow my github repo this might be old news, but I just wrapped up the changes in the last few months into a new release of t3mujinpack.

There are some updates: new film emulations (I thought some consumer films were lacking), lots of existing styles redone and styles grouped into a tidier hierarchy!


Hi, João Almeida.

The direct link ( for t3mujinpack is not working. Can you fix it, please?


Thanks for the work on the presets But after I went through the process of giving my email, etc. , the link ‘DOWNLOAD IT HERE’ on the page

gives a failed download message and an empty ZIP file. I use windows 10.

Could it be your security settings or antivirus software? I’m also on Win 10 and the sign up link/download and your posted link both worked for me.

Thanks @t3mujin for the styles!

I tried again later today and the a.m. download page had changed and had 2 download links now. It also works and gives a zip file with the presets. Thanks for your help Brian and thanks again to Joao.

João Almeida, the link is still broken.

Edit: This one worked

After refreshing that page several times through the day at around 1600 hrs GMT+1, I saw that there were now 2 download links, one flat and one with a hierarchy. I tried the download again with the hierarchy ZIP and it worked fine.

BTW, I played a bit with your styles and they are among the best I have seen in that they change the picture on both many levels and in a natural way.

Sorry, the links on the subscription emails were outdated, only realized that yesterday and you may have hit that while the changes were ongoing. PS- they’re also on github.

BTW, I played a bit with your styles and they are among the best I have seen in that they change the picture on both many levels and in a natural way.

Thanks! I’ve always aimed on having the styles on the real-side as possible, albeit some are “contrastier” than others, to have some latitude to further processing. The goal is that the styles aren’t a one-click recipe.

Many thanks @t3mujin I’ve been using one of them (Fuji Pro 400F) for most of my ‘people and travel’ pictures, for the last 2 or 3 years I think. It clearly provides the colors and mood I was trying to obtain without success. I had to tweak it since DT 3.0 arrived though.
I never took the time to explore the other styles, but it’s been on my to-do list for years!
Thank you again, and I also appreciate your website and galleries: your take on the Iceland mood is spot on and reminds me my travels there.

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