JPEG and Catalogs

I have two questions.

  1. I have some JPEG , JPG files along with my raw files. Can I edit JPEG and JPG files?
  2. Can you create “collections” in Raw Therapee?

Thank you

Hi, and welcome!
To answer:

  1. .JPEG and .JPG files are the same, its just the extension that changes, RT can edit both.
  2. RT has no cataloging features, it just uses a plain file manager with copy/move/delete capabilities. If you want to manage catalogs/collections/sets, you need to use another software with DAM (Digital Assets Management) capabilites. Digikam is a good one, the next version (6.4.0) will be able to interact with RT for raw development.

Thank you for the quick reply. Yes I am switching from Adobe. RT seems to be very powerful. I’m downloading it as we speak. The Digikam program you mentioned. How does that work to create collections? I’m afraid Lightroom spoiled me on that feature. You go to the library and can pull up any collection you have created, see all of the images and can then just pick which you need to edit. Its nice to see them all in one place.

Thank you again

I’m sorry but I can’t help you on digikam, as I don’t work with collections, just named folders.
But yes digikam allows to work with collections. Maybe there’s even a way to import collections that were created with LR, but you need to either read their documentation or ask on the forum in the digikam category.

Thank you