Jpeg-s loses too much detail - please help

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m beginner in photography and processing. Recently I’m working in RawTherapee 5.8 and I have problem. Photos taken as RAW and then saved as JPEG-s with 100% quality loose a lot of details…
I can view RAW photos on my screen and compare them to saved JPEG-s. There is a huge difference, even despite using different sharpening tools (I’ve tested many configurations, result is always the same).

Below I’ll show you example. Yeah, I know the photo isn’t good, but it’s one of only few of my RAW-s and difference is really obvious… What I can do about this problem? Or maybe it’s normal and I can’t get such sharp jpeg-s at all?

DSC_7691-raw.NEF (20.9 MB)

First of all, welcome! And good of you to ask about sharpening.
When you say you ‘view RAW photos on my screen’, and when you compare with the exported JPEG, do you mean you have the RAW file opened in RawTherapee? If so, are you sure you are comparing at 100% zoom level? The 1:1 zoom preview should be identical to the exported JPEG.

As for the required sharpening. What do you think about this?
DSC_7691-raw DSC_7691-raw.jpg.out.pp3 (14.5 KB)

Admittedly, zoomed-out this looks a little dull. But zoomed in, it looks quite sharp.


The zoomed in view in your editing view should look the same (approximately as jpegs are compressed) as the exported jpeg. A couple of guesses what might go wrong.

  1. The software you use to view the jpeg does something when you zoom in
  2. You have settings in Rawtherapee that affect the exported file but not the preview. See the resize module for instance.
  3. You use the “fast export” from the file manager view rather than the gear icon that make use of full processing.

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Thank you for help and advice :slight_smile:

You asked about my “comparison” - so I view pictures with ACDSee software and it showed me picture in full size after double-clicking. I can view RAW file with it and compare with jpeg. Below I show you screens from my 100% wiew of RAW and jpeg.

You can see much more details on RAW file here.