JPEGs in AdobeRGB too little saturated


I have noticed an odd behavior: JPEGs in AdobeRGB appear to be too little saturated if imported to dt. In all other color managed programs they look more saturated.

Here is how a photo in AdobeRGB or any other medium gamut RGB looks like in Firefox:

Here is how it looks in dt:

The (edited) raw itself looks in dt more similar to the JPEG when opened in Firefox.

I think my color management is set up properly via dispwin. I have also tried to set the rendering intent to relative colorimentric, and I have also tried LittleCMS, and I have also tried softproof, no difference.

I have not yet done other extensive tests, don’t know if the colors are less saturated with other color spaces/profiles (except linear Prophoto, same result), or e.g. other file types. However I have tried 2 different screen profile types, XYZ Lut + matrix and curves + matrix. No difference.

Using dt 3.1 on Debian Bullseye. I have a BenQ SW240 screen, properly calibrated and profiled, 110% AdobeRGB. So maybe this is not visible on sRGB screens.

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Edit: sRGB seems to be ok.

Are you sure the saturation is really different? In a properly color managed system, this should not happen. But you should compare the image on the same background color, either black or gray. The background influences your perception.

I think @Christian_Pfister has the answer. Use two pieces of paper to hide the backgrounds at the sides of the screen images, and the two images look very similar.

I disagree. I have also zoomed in to 100% when no background is visible. The difference is clearly visible.

Firefox will show you sRGB, no?

I couldn’t see it from the two pictures you have posted.
Then something must be wrong somewhere with your color management. Is it activated in Firefox (about:config somewhere). Usually it is per default.
This may happen if you display an image encoded in a larger color space in a setup with a smaller space without proper color management. For example an AdobeRGB image on a screen set to sRGB and the color management system doesn’t do the conversion. For example the FastStone Viewer does not consider the monitor profile.

As far as I know Firefox understands color management. Here you can check how to activate it.

Color management is active in FF. FF displays the colors like other color managed apps, e.g. RT. Only dt behaves differently here with JPEGs in AdobeRGB. The raws look normal.
The odd thing is that apparently dt thinks the JPEGs are in an even much larger color space than AdobeRGB. If it assumed they are sRGB, the colors would be more saturated.

you must click on my screenshots. In the preview it is barely visible. The difference should also be visible on an sRGB screen I think.

Is this DT screenshot of the lightroom or darkroom view? What’s your working color space in DT?

darkroom mode; ok, I have just seen that output color profile was set to sRGB in darkroom, however I am not sure if this should matter. Anyway I set the output color profile in export settings in lighttable, usually I just leave the output profile setting in darkroom alone. I will test if the output color profile setting in darktable matters
Edit: checked, no difference.

No, it would be more saturated if it would assume that display is in srgb and it would be wider gamut display (without profile).
If it assumes srgb source, while it’s adobergb, it would desaturate the output.

I did (and the pictures are still open). But I still think the perceived difference is due to the background color, at least on my screen (NEC PA241W calibrated with SpectraView).

By the way DT uses the screen profile to display images. The setting in the output color profile or the Export module is only used during export. So maybe something is wrong with the dev version of DT you are using (3.1)?

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I will upload the full res jpeg later

Can you paste a link to download this JPEG. I can try on my system with DT 3.0 (W10)

On windows cms in darktable 3.0 works fine for me on primary monitor, is broken on secondary monitor.
The same file displayed in linux version dt3.1, show (wrong) different colors, with cms correctly configured with same display profile (confirmed with darktable-cms and krita).

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So one should check whether the issue has been reported on Github (I couldn’t find it).

I checked a few hours ago, before starting this thread, did not find anything either

I opened one for the windows issue before 3.0 was released:

But wasn’t touched, i won’t open another…