Jpg file was overwritten

Hello, I need help, try to edit some jpg file, and I used overwrite from file and it overwrited the previous jpg file, not the original one, and now I have 2 as same file, how do I recover the lost jpg that was overwrited by second one? Thanks

I think you have a misunderstanding about what you did, you can’t have 2 images as the same file.
Overwrite is like Replace, thus your first version is no more… It’s gone!

Depending your operating system, you can reverse to a previous / earlier session when you did not overwrite your jpg yet, if and only if your operating system did saved the session after your first export thus BEFORE your second export which is very unlikely if you exported your first and second time during the same session or hour.

To reverse to a previous session, you need to see with your operating system, it’s way outside of the scope of GIMP

On a Linux operating system, if the directory, where the image was overwritten, was open when you did overwrite it, you could have done a Ctrl+Z in the directory to get back your first export, but once the directory is closed, you need to pass by a session restore or backup application >> if and only if you have saved the session or did a backup between the 2 exports…