Just Passed 200 users!

(Pat David) #1

We recently sailed past 200 users on the forums!

Welcome Everyone!
Don’t forget to give a quick read to the forum welcome topic:

A couple of other neat things you may not be aware of.


If you use a feed/news reader and want an RSS feed - you can simply append .rss to almost any url from the forum to get the corresponding feed.

For instance, the latest posts view of the forum can be found here:

If you’d like the RSS feed for the latest posts, simply append .rss to that url:

This works for categories as well (to get a feed of only that category):

As well as individual posts:

These all work as JSON feeds as well (just append .json).

Reply by Email

If you get a notification email on a topic, and you’d like to respond, you can do so right from your mail client by simply replying to that email. It says this in the footer of all emails from the forum:

If there’s enough interest I may also enable the ability to create a new topic by email as well, but that’s for later.

Watch/Mute Categories

If you want to adjust your settings for watching/tracking/muting an entire category, there are options from the category page:

You can see from the RawTherapee category page for instance, that there’s an option in the top right corner to adjust my notifications level for that entire category. From here you can Mute all posts in the category, or set it to Tracking or Watching.

Just in case you’d like to tailor which categories you get information for, or to mute others you aren’t interested in.

(Paul Matthijsse) #2

Congrats Pat!
I have the impression that the forujm gets slower when visited with a 3G phone, sometimes hard to edit one’s own post as well, I guess that has to do withvthe active history system of your site siftware…


I think it’s not the connection, but heavy Javascript, because it’s just as slow on 4G as on Wi-Fi on my phone.

(Pat David) #4

It’s most likely the javascript (or more precisely, a deficiency in Android):

The good news is that they are aware of it and looking into possible solutions.

(Kees Guequierre) #5

PARTY! :birthday::tada::confetti_ball:

(paul matthijsse) #6

Okay, that can happen. So I’ll wait some weeks or years or… My comment above has typos. I tried several times to correct them but without luck. And I was NOT drunk at the moment of writing/editing. :slight_smile:

(Marek Kubica) #7

Congrats and thanks to everyone on the wayto 200, looking forward to the next 200 users! :slight_smile:

(Pat David) #8

You may not have to wait long considering we’re about to hit 250(!). :smiley: