Kaikoura Snowtops behind BlueBridge

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On a day excursion from Wellington, NZ to Picton across Cook Strait, I caught the competing ferry operator with a backdrop of the Kairoura mountains … though getting appreciable mountain detail proved a challenge. There is also some vignetting, possibly from the lens, which I have not succeeded in being recognised.

Alas, I have only an underpowered laptop with no OpenCL with me whilst on vacation :cry:

_DSC9069.nef.xmp (16.1 KB)


ART 1.20.2

I got this warning re: the lens:


I was able to manually reduce the vignetting a bit but not completely so I mostly cropped it out. I’m not that good at processing but there’s still precious little detail on the mountain. A really tough one and my results aren’t that great. There’s obvious granulation from trying to isolate and raise those tenuous distant highlights so much. Also I tried (semi-successfully at best) to offset the very bluish cast to everything… at least in the sky.

_DSC9069.nef.arp (92.3 KB)


Thanks for the image. My attempt with DT 4.2.2

Couldn’t do anything with the vignetting - so decided to pretend the image is through a Captain’s Telescope. I tried hard to bring the snow closer to white - but it is what it is.

_DSC9069.nef.xmp (35.1 KB)