KDE is interested into Natron

(this is a copy of my post in the Natron programmer group on facebook)

Have anyone seen or heard about that ?


Apparently the kde peoples would be interested to integrate natron into kde. I don’t know how easy it would be or if the current contributors are interested, but it would offer an infrastructure to keep the project alive and maybe attract new contributors.

What do you think ?

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they have big patrons so the opportunity is real

The opportunity for what? KDE is largely volunteer driven.

I don’t think that KDE directly funds other projects directly, but they offer infrastructure to host it, do some advertisement for the KDE projects and have a dedicated team of translators working for all the kde softwares.

for being known

We have discussed this in the past (on this forum). Our current infrastructure works, and if all they can provide is a different infrastructure and some promotion, well, we don’t need that (no disrespect or anything like that), just means more work for no extra gains.

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FYI the previous discussion around kde starts here Natron development status? - #48 by rodlie