KDE-like Colorful Icons for darktable

Hi, when I started using darktable I was impressed by all the features, but I also felt a little bit lost. Some of the newer modules were missing icons and I spend most of the time trying to remember what is the right name of a module, that I wanted to use. I understand that advanced users prefer the minimal design, but I have always liked apps that still use easily recognizable colorful icons (eg. Affinity Photo). I created my own icon set from scratch mostly following KDE’s “Colorful Icons” style.

I have icons for all the DT modules (as of 3.8). Right now I use one CSS file and one SVG sprite file with the icons so I can change them easily, but I had to use absolute sizes. Here are all the icons:

…and here is GUI (based on darktable.css with with 32px icons and some custom CSS):
GUI screenshot

Would you use it? I appreciate any feedback…


I think some will love it and purist will keep thing dull to avoid distraction… For sure if you share it I think some users will be game to see how it looks and works

That’s exactly that. Too much distractions. But adding icons for modules which don’t have one would be good.

To be consistent about actual icons (ckeck icons themes), icons should be circle ones, not as square like your work. And a little more discrete. Color is of course for those icons.