Keyboard shortcut for "Open with" Gimp

is there a possibility in digiKam of a keyboard shortcut for “Open with Gimp”? Have searched for a long time and found nothing.
If I just click on “Open” (F4), my default viewer opens is. Gimp is not so good for default viewer.

Operating system?

Operating system?

Manjaro Linux

Can’t you use Keyboard Shortcuts - Manjaro?

Hello, I don’t think you can use a keyboard shortcut to open a photo in Gimp. At least I can’t figure out how to do that.

The same question is asked a couple of years ago on this forum and someone suggested a workaround (a bit complex though). You’ll have to write a script in the Batch Queue Manager…

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Hello Claes,
Your suggestion sounds promising, but when I do that, only Gimp opens but without the photo. What do I have to do to get Gimp to open the file I clicked on?

Abends, gnädiger Micha!

It is a long time since I used Manjaro,
but presumably you will have to add
some parameter (%f ?) to the command line.

When time permits, I’ll see what I can dig up.

Claes in Lund. Schweden

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Correction: %U
sounds wiser.

Where must this %U be written? Like this: “/usr/bin/gimp-2.10 %U” ??
But that doesn’t work either.

For me, with current Digikam under KDE plasma (Opensuse Leap), F4 opens the selected raw image with Digikam’s editor, and Ctrl-F4 opens with darktable.
Darktable happens to be the default (first) application defined for the raw files at system/desktop level, so that’s not a Digikam setting. There are a few more, but that’s not really relevant here… Perhaps you could have the GIMP as the first choice associated with your image files?

I’m not sure you can change the default hotkeys in Digikam…

Did it now: Ctrl+Shift+F4 now opens the photos with Gimp. Only F4 with digiKam’s own photo editing shwoFoto.
This is what you have to set.

And before that:
Thank you for your efforts.

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Hello, sorry for the late reaction, I was away for a couple of days.

Some more words about this, maybe helpful for others.

I was puzzled by that ‘Open with default application’. What is that default app? Well, as you can see in the two screenshots above, you can set that there.

But you can also set that in a file manager, on Xubuntu at least. Right-click a raw file and say Open with… Choose here ART or RawTherapee or Darktable. Do the same with a jpg and choose Gimp or gThumb or Geeqie for example.

Concerning my post #5 above, I must correct myself. I do have a button on Digikam’s button bar with the text ‘ART’, shortcut A. That is the button ‘Open with default application’ and renamed to ART. When I select a raw file and type A or click the button, then the photo opens in ART. When I do the same with a jpg, then Geeqie opens instead of ART. I didn’t understand this until now. But this is because I instructed the file manager to open jpgs with Geeqie and raws with ART…