Keyboard shortcut to hide all non-print extras?

I really wish GIMP had View -> Show -> None/All that Photoshop has in addition to having View -> Show/Hide Selection and Show/Hide Guides that already exist individually.

My work (cleaning comic book drawings) often involves “pixel-staring”… When I want to check if my stroke looks natural, I need to deselect the pen tool and hide the active path, switch away from the tools because they cover the work.

When I’m in this situation I wish I could just take a quick peek of how the image actually looks like, just by pressing a button toggle (keyboard shortcut).

This is also requested in StackExchange thread that I read first: GIMP: Toggle show/hide all non print extras - Graphic Design Stack Exchange

Although I’ve never written code for GIMP. I suppose this would be easy to implement with a plug-in, all it needs to do is put commands Show/Hide Selection, Show/Hide Guides, Show/Hide Rulers, and toggling rendering paths inside a subroutine so that they can run in one go.