Keyword list in Siril 1.2.x

the Stacking result setting has a default value of $seqname$stacked, how can we add other keywords, for example numberimages, date?

In the Siril preferences.

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hmm, $STACKCNT$ does not work. upper or lower case. set to


result file name is

Should I use $seqname$stacked_$STACKCNT:%d ?

v1.2.3, Linux, x86_64, AppImage

Do you have STACKCNT in your FITS header?
And this is absolutely not the right way to write it, but: $STACKCNT:%d$
You should take a look here: Path parsing — Siril 1.2.0 documentation

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Got it!


but this is slightly confusing, because the previous keyword/var $seqname$ does not have to be written in $seqname:%s$

But seqname is not a keyword. This is the name of the sequence currently used.