Keyword Tag Search Problem


64-bit Windows 7 and digiKam 5.6.0

I have ran against a new problem in digiKam; when I select a tag in the left tag pane, not all tagged image thumbnails are showing up; and, some show up either partially or completely, but not selectable.
Some of the thumbnails will only display the top-most portion of the thumbnail.

I can switch to album view and the problem images in tag view display fine in album view.

All image files are exactly where digiKam expects them to be.

I closed and restarted digiKam to no avail.
I went to View > Refresh and no help there either.

I did not have this problem a few days ago; in fact, I use digiKam every day and only noticed it tonight.

How do I fix this ?
Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

I am Confused about digiKam Versions

Could you try the latest beta from and see if the problem exists there ?


If I can, I would rather just fix the version I already have.

My version never had this problem until last night; it always worked fine before.

The only thing that I can think of that (out on a limb here) may have remotely caused this new behavior is that earlier last night I allowed Palemoon browser to update.

On EDIT: >>> Just a bit more information: The correct number of items is displayed in the blue separator bars and blank spaces are there where the thumbnails should be.

For instance: For the Tag “Pigs”, all five thumbnails are there for 15-March-1882, then a blue separator/header bar for 22-August-1913 that says 17 items — the first two of these 17 thumbnails display properly – sometimes only blank spaces appear for the remaining 15 thumbnails – sometimes only the top 1/5 or so of some of the thumbnails and sometimes the whole thumbnail picture, but no response nor thumbnail information.

More Info: >>> A complete restart of the computer did not help.


Two questions:

  1. If I install this latest beta and and it creates more problems than it solves, can I just run my 5.6.0 installer and it purge the later version without me losing anything ?

  2. What would be the outcome if I just run my 5.6.0 installer on top of my current 5.6.0 installation; will it repair my install or is that not a good idea ?

(Simon Frei) #5

First try updating to 5.9.0, the latest regular release. Then if you do try the 6.0.0 beta, make a backup of your database first. The simplest way without having to (un)install anything is using the appimage.



I updated to 5.9.0 and the problem did not go away.
digiKam knows the information is there, it just will not display it nor allow me to utilize it.
This flaw negates the benefit of keyword tagging.

I don’t really want to completely purge digiKam from my system and start all over, especially since the tags are permanently written into the image files and when I bring them into a new/virgin installation digiKam will automatically enter the tags NOT within my meticulously created tag tree structure, causing me double the headache.

How am I going to fix this ?

I wish that I could strip digiKam of everything except for collections/albums, keyword tagging, and geolocating and then maybe it would work as a proper photo organizing tool.


I think digikam 6.0.0beta has some improvements for Windows so I would give it a try first. But make sure to backup your database (*.db files) before doing that.

Also you can install Microsoft Debug View tool which will allow you to see what exactly is going on when you use the search in digikam. Debug View will print an output similar to the one linux terminal does.


Is this something I do via a command in digiKam or do I navigate to them manually and just copy them to another folder ?


Simple copy/paste in Files Explorer will do the job. Please close digikam before doing that though otherwise the files will be blocked.


I am not very well versed in all of this open source lingo — I guess that is obvious…
On the v6.0.0-beta2 downloads page, listed underneath the Windows 64-bit exe is another listing of the same name with a .sig suffix; a much smaller file.

What is this .sig file and is it beneficial to me ?

Thanks for your help and patience.


Morning, @BuckSkin,

Are you sure it is a .sig?
All I can see is the beta3 page,
where the only “peculiar” file type
is .sum

It contains checksums, which will help you to ascertain
whether you managed do download the main file correctly.


Yes; I am positive it is .sig


If it is the checksums, I already found them in “details” and copy/pasted them on a NotePad so I could compare them.

Where did you find a Beta3 page; all I found was Beta2 and that is what I got.


:slight_smile: Isn’t the computer a wonderful thing.
I used the link given by Andrius in post #2
of this very thread :slight_smile:


I thought that was what I did; but, now that I compare my link with his, obviously it isn’t; that is about par for me…


Not sure what .sig are and why the links are different. is what I was told to use. You would need just the .exe file


There are three places to download DK files :

Stable and official final releases :

Unstable and official beta releases :

Weekly unstable bundles for testing, generated between official beta :slight_smile:

If you found a bug it is recommended to try the latest beta before submitting a bug report because it might already be fixed there.


Thanks !
That entire post should be very prominent on every digiKam page; it would resolve a lot of confusion for beginners like me.

When I saw that there was a Beta3 after I had already downloaded Beta2, I went ahead and downloaded Beta3 as well; mine came fresh out of the skillet as it was “Last Modified” just minutes prior to me downloading it.
I just looked again and it has been modified at least once since I downloaded it.

I was going to report my bug, but got temporarily derailed when I read that a separate email account was highly recommended.


I think @paperdigits has a write access to May he can help ?

(Mica) #20

I think regular users should just stick to the stable, hence the big download button in the header of every page. Betas and weekly builds are for those who understand the implications of running such software, thus those downloads aren’t front and center.


Well, so I won’t be confused all over again the next time I try to fix digiKam, I took a screen-shot and saved it in my digiKam folder.

Thanks again !