Keyword Tag Search Problem


I started a thread on digikam users mailing list.
Could you reply to Gilles please?


[quote=“Andrius, post:63, topic:9835, full:true”]
I started a thread on digikam users mailing list.
Could you reply to Gilles please?[/quote]

I did reply as soon as I saw this and it said “waiting for my reply to be approved”
I have not yet seen my reply show up on the board.
Thanks again.


It usually happens when you attached files to the reply. I find it is easier to upload images/videos to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc. and share a link.


I hadn’t attached the files just yet; I asked whether they wanted the jpegs “before tags applied” or “after tags applied”
I got to thinking about it and I sort of figure “after tags”


I would rather share both versions - before and after adding tags.


Good idea; I will gather a few samples.


digiKam groups - so much trouble! get a DB glitch and all grouping info is gone - GONE!

some kind of backup/reapply group info to files is needed(!)

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Yes, grouping information is database only, meaning if your database is trashed, your grouping information is gone. Conclusion: Include the database in your backup process.


My problem has remained through several data base replacements and two complete re-installs and has gotten exponentially worse.
Now, when I bring up a tag group that has images in several collections, I will get collections overlapping collections, meaning the thumbnails are stacked atop each other in cascade fashion.
I got busy with something else and need to upload my sample images.
I never before had any dealings with this Cloud business; I wonder if I just loaded them in my Flickr account if that would work ?

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Better not flick, you never know what those services do with metadata. There’s lots of ways, if you don’t use any of the usual suspects (google drive, dropbox, …) there’s also non-registration services, e.g.

However overlapping thumbnails definitely does not look like a metadata issue. If you haven’t done that already, do screenshots and run in debug mode (I think on windows there’s something included for that, not sure) to capture logs and report them to the digikam bugtracker.


Well, another experiment failed.
To see whether the problem carried over to Linux, I installed Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon, got the initial ticks worked out of that, and installed digiKam 5.6.0.
I have only gotten a very few of my pictures initiated into the Linux digiKam and I have all the same problems that I was having in Windows plus several new ones.
One of the weirdest is that, when I am in Tags View and click on a tag to view all images that carry that tag, the thumbnails keep swapping places as I mouse over them; for instance, a thumbnail with a red truck will become a thumbnail with a green car.
Plus, in Linux, images that don’t even have a given tag and never did will show up in a tag search.
My workflow has been the same for ages.
I use DIM (Digital Image Mover) to rename/renumber from the SD-card into my dated folder structure.
I then use DxO to enhance and convert the RAW files into jpegs.
I then use FastStone to add Title, Subject, Lens info, Flash info, and Comments.
Once all of this is done, I use mostly Photoshop Elements 7 to do the beginning and end of the editing, supplementing that with GIMP and various other programs when needed with all of this work being incorporated as layers in the Elements layer stack.
I save the finished product as a jpeg which I then and only then admit into digiKam.
The only operations I do in digiKam are to add geolocation information and keyword tags.
Once through digiKam, these images remain in that same folder; they are considered finished and it is very seldom that any other manipulations would ever be done to those particular files.
Yet, when I use digiKam to try and find all images carrying a certain tag, it is anyone’s guess as to what I will get and I cannot and do not trust the accuracy of a simple tag search.
The more I think about it, the more I believe that all of these problems followed upon the heels of me updating digiKam from a somewhat old version to what was the most recent at that time.