Kodachrome for HaldCLUT (rough)

Hey guys, this week I released a Kodachrome collection for Lightroom, and I thought it’d be nice to port it as HaldCLUTs for RawTherapee users.

I love the film emulation pack from @patdavid and co and I’m more than happy to have these added to it if you’re still working on that (though I thought the Kodachrome styles in that were pretty nice already!).



These any use to people? I just did a quick conversion from the base profiles I created for the Lightroom presets, it’s nothing fancy but hopefully still gets you in the ballpark. Would love to hear some thoughts/feedback.


Welcome to the Forum @KyleMayPhoto ! And thanks for sharing your HaldCLUTs!
I just tried it and I love Kodachrome 10.

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@KyleMayPhoto these look great. Thanks for sharing.

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