Konstanz Port by Boat

I took the photo when we had left the harbor of Konstanz by boat. I did some basic editing with Darktable but would like to see what other can do to this picture preferrable in darktable to improve my editing and knowledge =).

20220425_132619_1716.nef (23.0 MB)

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This is the editing in Darktable

20220425_132619_1716.nef.xmp (9.9 KB)

And the result as a jpg:


20220425_132619_1716.jpg.out.pp3 (14,4 KB)

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Konstanz-Port-by-Boat-20220425_132619_1716_01.nef.xmp (16.0 KB)
dt 3.8.1

EDIT: Some weird things going on in the sky, colour shifts, and scratchy detail with sharpening. Added some grain to disguise the artifacts a bit.

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Sorry not Darktable. My play in GIMP. Exposure increase of +1EV. Levelled. Local adjustments of brightness, contrast and saturation. Cropped to a more panoramic aspect.

konstanz.port.by.boat.pp3 (20.2 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development

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DT 3.8.1

_20220425_132619_1716.nef.xmp (10.8 KB)

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Thanks for posting
darktable 3.8.1

20220425_132619_1716_01.nef.xmp (15.4 KB)


20220425_132619_1716.nef.xmp (17.3 KB)

20220425_132619_1716_01.nef.xmp (49.5 KB)


20220425_132619_1716.nef.xmp (14.2 KB)

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My version…

20220425_132619_1716.nef.xmp (18.2 KB)
Darktable 3.9.0~git1351.1a09726c-1


20220425_132619_1716.nef.xmp (17.7 KB)

DT 3.9

RT 5.8 dev

20220425_132619_1716-3.jpg.out.pp3 (35.5 KB)


20220425_132619_1716.nef.xmp (13.8 KB)

My version:

20220425_132619_1716.nef.xmp (19.6 KB)


With RT dev 5.8-3083

20220425_132619_1716.jpg.out.pp3 (26,4 KB)

  1. I used the Pop 2 Lab packaged profile.
  2. I added Capture Sharpening
  3. I aligned the coast
  4. And to make the flag disappear from the top in Local Adjustments I use the modules:
    1. Color & Light to put it in Black & White
    2. Blur & Noise to blur the flag.
  5. As I have not completely hidden the flag, I make a duplicate of the previous spot.

And as fun you can obtain a sphere with G’Mic-> Deformations → Sphere. :slightly_smiling_face:


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