Krita 5.0 has been released!

After a long time and hard work Krita 5.0, the latest major release, came available: Announcement

This release is among the largest and most significant and there are way to many changes compared to Krita 4 to mention here, see the extensive Krita 5.0 Release Notes.

These sections have noteworthy overhauls, additions and/or changes:

  • A brand new Resource System,
  • Colours and Gradients,
  • Brushes,
  • Animation overhaul,
  • Storyboarding,
  • User Interface Improvements,
  • New File Formats with AVIF & WebP,
  • New Tools & Improvements,
  • Layers Improvements,
  • Python Plug-ins Added and Improvements,
  • G’MIC, the latest version 3.0, is now integrated,
  • …And More!

Links for downloading Krita 5.0 are available right here or here (near the bottom of the page)

Just a heads up for those that want to install and start working with 5.0 right away:

  • Krita 5.0 is a major release of Krita. Krita 5.0 cannot load vector layers created before Krita 3.0 and has a completely reworked resource system.
  • Krita 5.0 has an updated brush preset file format (.kpp). Krita 4 and earlier cannot use brush presets created in Krita 5.
  • Krita 5.0 fixed an issue with text size in documents. However, opening files created with earlier versions of Krita may require changing a setting to get the originally expected text size.

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Sounds like a large and awesome release! Congrats

I downloaded and tried Krita 5.0 windows version.
After changing some settings it runs ok (speedwise) now on my 8-core AMD FX8350 Windows 10 machine with 32 GB RAM.

But I got an error in one of the filters of the gmic plugin

I that a gmic error @David_Tschumperle? Where shall I report the error?

Here’s the same G’MIC filter, but on Linux (Debian 10):

Works, so this doesn’t seem to be a global issue.

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Been playing around with this a lot more now I’m on Linux. The gmic plugin seems to work faster in Krita than it does in Gimp.

Krita is now using a patched intree copy of gmic… so it could be on either side. *joy*

It looks like you are missing the grain file the GMIC needs. AFAIK GMIC downloads the files the first time you need it for the filter, so it could be a connection problem.