Landscape critique

I went to shoot the sunset a few weeks ago. It was quiet misty, so i went for a abstract shot.
I was wondering if you could give me suggestions composition and editing wise?
Looking forward to your comment’s.


I am curious how would landscape look like…
the mist has a character on its own. I would try however (if possible at all) to clear the view a bit more first trees to the first meadows.

I would crop it differently. Crop the bottom part and give it a 3:4 aspect ratio. Maybe make the orange zones bit darker.

This reminds me an old submission somewhere on the forum. I don’t remember what the thread title is. It was heavily commented. I bet you could glean a lot from it.

I agree with Anna. I’d crop this into a square, getting rid of the bottom portion. You’d gain more of the graphic, layered look, which I think is really cool.

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Funny you should ask. I found a landscape Version and did a quick edit. not sure if this one is better

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And here is a square version

As i studied my Images a little bit more i think i would search for cleaner compositions. I would also like to search for repeating patterns in those hills. Luckily it is a place i can always rewisit;-)


I think this one appeals most to me.

My advice is not so much on whats there, but what is not there - it would have made a great panorama!